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Connect mechanical design processes to greater product record

Simplify Design to Manufacturing Processes

Your product is complex. Design data needs to flow from multiple teams to create one product record for the entire team, including operations and supply chain partners. Accurate and up-to-date product information is a prerequisite to support efficient engineering processes and to drive innovation forward.

Facilitate better collaboration between your teams and get better products faster with an automated integration between Arena and SOLIDWORKS, the mechanical engineering solution choice of leading teams.

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fast product lifecycle management

Reduced Costs

Integrating Arena and SOLIDWORKS eliminates the risks of data entry errors and provides the information necessary for accurate and responsive sourcing.

lowest total cost of ownership


Arena and SOLIDWORKS integrated removes manual steps, reducing team training time, and helps build a consistent and controlled product record for the entire organization and supply chain.

Arena PLM is easy

Faster Innovation

With a fast path to accurate design share, an integration from SOLIDWORKS to Arena ensures operations team feedback early in the design process, in support of the Design for Manufacturing (DFM) framework.