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Inside Arena: Meet Your Customer Success Coach

After PLM or QMS “go-live”, who helps you maximize your investment? How do you continue during transition times when your Arena administrator leaves? What if your organization changes due to a merger? We sat down with some of our Arena Customer Success Coaches to learn more. Your Success Is Our […]

Feb 19, 2020

Intelligent BOM Management Drives Manufacturing Success

Most manufacturing companies must rely on many supply chain partners to design and deliver products to their customers under budget and ahead of schedule. Dispersed teams must be able to easily access the latest product information anytime and anywhere. Keeping everyone on the same page is critical to reduce confusion […]

Jan 29, 2020

Inside Arena: Four Design Principles for a Better User Experience

Contrast. Balance. Emphasis. Repetition. These are the four design principles of our user interface (UI) refresh and user experience (UX). Are you curious about why Arena Solutions chose these four principles and how each is implemented in our latest release? We were.  Jannelle Jansen, Arena UI Designer, and Antony John, […]

Jan 13, 2020

Are You Prepared for an Increase in Medical Device Audits?

The medical device industry is redefining healthcare. Consider the incredible medical device innovations now and on the horizon: from surgical robotic systems and the integration of augmented, virtual, and mixed reality, to Bluetooth-enabled devices and the advent of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. As a result, according to to KPMG data, […]

Jan 7, 2020

Why Design Controls Are Good Business Sense for Any Product Company

Insights from Christopher Hill, Director of Regulatory and Quality Affairs, Organ Recovery Systems This blog is the final of our three-part series on design controls. The first explained why “Good Design Controls Are Critical to Avoid FDA Issues” and the second entailed Vis Ayer’s account of “How Nevro Achieved Design […]

Dec 10, 2019

How Nevro Achieves Design Controls Success

Highlights from our discussion with Vis Ayer, Senior Director of Quality at Nevro In our last blog, we explored why Good Design Controls Are Critical to Avoid FDA Issues. In this second part of our series, Vis Ayer of Nevro shares his experiences on the importance of good design controls. […]

Nov 19, 2019

Good Design Controls Are Critical to Avoid FDA Issues

We recently sat down with a few medical device companies to discuss how they deal with FDA requirements around design controls. We will share their experiences in this three-part series, but first want to lay the foundation for the design control discussion. Medical device companies recognize that having an emphasis […]

Nov 5, 2019

Customization vs. Configuration: Which Approach Is Best?

Software vendors have always sought to provide highly adaptable solutions by allowing customization. Most vendors will claim that it’s easy to customize their solution. However, there are two different approaches. One approach involves the need to program or code (customization) and the other involves using a simple user interface that […]

Oct 17, 2019