Calculate Cost Saving Opportunities in Product Development

A single mistake can be a learning experience or delay your next product launch and cost millions.

Bringing a product from concept to commercialization is hard. You’ll face many challenges. It is often difficult to see the impact and costs of a mistake. Is it minor or damaging? And, how likely is it that the same error will happen again?

This calculator includes visible costs such as team expenses and tooling along with strategic cost impact from lost market opportunities and customer dissatisfaction. Input your business details, select a challenge, and see the real-world cost impact as validated by our customers.

Learn how much product development mistakes really cost, how to avoid them, and start saving with cloud-native solutions.

This scenario cost calculator is a valuable tool to estimate the costs of mistakes and inefficiencies that can occur in business processes. While many companies see savings in these areas as a result of using Arena products, actual cost savings will vary based on a variety of factors and this calculator should not be used as a guarantee of any cost savings from the use of specific products.

“We had a customer that needed proof that the product was RoHS compliant. And pulling the RoHS documents could have cost us $20,000 for this particular job. But with Arena, it saved us all that money because we had the documentation at our fingertips.”

Kim Khoe
Regulatory Affairs & Quality Assurance
Apical Instruments

“Arena reduced our overall change review/approval cycle time from 10 business days to 5 days when calculated at the top level of assembly and our implementation defect rate by 95%.”

Allen Zimmerman
Project Manager
Nielsen Audio

“A wrong product number in your BOM can completely blow your quarter and make for a very unpleasant conversation with your CEO and the Board.”

David Sangster

“Our NPI time has been reduced significantly, as compared to doing manual engineering change orders.”

Catherine Burton
PDM Manager
Nautilus Inc.

“Seventy-nine percent of new products miss their launch date due to longer iterative cycles of new product development processes.”

—Accenture Research

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