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With increasing demand for smarter, more connected products and global competition at an all-time high, manufacturers must rethink traditional product development practices if they want to get ahead. As teams become more dispersed, real-time collaboration and visibility throughout the entire lifecycle is critical to get products to customers on time and on budget.

Learn how cloud-native PLM and QMS solutions are driving a new era of product development for today’s global product manufacturers.





Amid today’s supply chain disruptions, labor shortages, and evolving regulatory landscape, manufacturers must reduce their new product development (NPD) cycles and accelerate time to market to gain a competitive edge. This is an impossible feat when working with manual, disconnected systems such as file-based CAD tools, spreadsheets, and paper.

These traditional approaches make it hard to get all stakeholders involved during the early design phase. And it’s difficult to identify the latest product revisions and keep everyone on the same page. This leads to design for manufacturability (DFM) issues that prevent companies from meeting their quality and cost targets. Teams also lack traceability and visibility into nonconformities, part shortages, and other issues which can delay product shipments or create compliance risks.

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In today’s volatile environment, companies must be nimble to keep pace with the competition and meet new product development and introduction (NPDI) goals. Cloud-native PLM and QMS solutions support agile product development practices by driving frequent, real-time collaboration between cross-functional teams.

By accessing product and quality information from a single source of truth, internal teams and external supply chain partners can identify and resolve issues early in the design cycle to avoid costly errors and delays. Additionally, customers reap the benefits of frequent design iterations which give way to innovative products that address their ever-changing needs.

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Freedom from manual, time-consuming tasks goes a long way in helping organizations achieve their new product development milestones.

By providing secure, centralized access to the latest product information anytime and anywhere, cloud-native PLM and QMS solutions keep globally dispersed teams aligned and focused on getting products to market faster. Quality processes are linked directly to the product record so teams can quickly identify and resolve issues and establish compliant closed-loop CAPA processes. Through automated change processes, teams can also release designs within shorter cycles.

Read our white paper to learn how cloud-native solutions keep your internal teams and external supply chain partners synchronized with the latest design changes, project schedules, and compliance information to help speed product launches.

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The seamless connection between cloud-native PLM and CAD solutions enables manufacturing companies to establish frictionless product development processes. With a simple click of a button, engineers can quickly push design information to downstream team members. This facilitates early design for manufacturability (DFM) reviews to enhance product quality and reduce costs.

Ultimately, teams can work concurrently to accelerate the concept-to-production process and get high-quality products to market faster.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how the connection between cloud-native PLM and CAD solutions streamlines information flow and drives better collaboration and teamwork throughout your product lifecycle.


Whether you’re governed by FDA, ISO, or EU MDR requirements for quality management, fall under strict export control regulations for ITAR- and EAR-related data, or must follow sustainable practices set forth by various environmental regulations—having an efficient system to manage compliance is essential to help you avoid audit and noncompliance risks and achieve commercialization success.

Cloud-native PLM and QMS solutions provide you complete control and traceability to effectively document, track, and report compliant product development processes and meet evolving regulations.

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Unlike many cloud-enabled applications, cloud-native (multi-tenant) solutions eliminate costly IT resources and upfront expenses for hardware, VPNs, and other infrastructure. Solutions that are sold under a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model enable fast deployment—accelerating the return on investment (ROI) for companies that are migrating from legacy client-server systems.

Once deployed, cloud-native solutions provide maximum flexibility and scalability to accommodate your evolving needs. And they facilitate the delivery of frequent software enhancements without any downtime or disruption to your business.

Read this white paper for additional insights on how cloud-native solutions help enhance business performance while increasing your ROI.

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