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Arena’s cloud-based solution unites PLM, ALM, Supply Chain and QMS to reduce costs, improve quality and collapse time to market.

High Tech

Arena PLM allows high tech companies to go fast. Real fast. Engineering and manufacturing teams better drive ideation, innovation, NPI, launch and manufacturing in record time. Collaboratively shrink ECO cycle time throughout your entire supply chain while crushing time to market. Highly visual analytics allow users to learn the past, see the present and change the future.

Life Sciences

Arena PLM allows life science companies to capture opportunities in global markets by enabling their engineering and manufacturing teams to adjudicate reams of regulation and compliance documents with ease. Arena's Quality module is embedded in the BOM and tied to the product record. This results in exacting precision which matters when lives are at stake. Let Arena perform the lion's share of your burdensome validation efforts. This will keep you always compliant and save up to six figures.

Consumer Electronics

Arena delivers consumer electronics companies the promised benefits of a cloud-based PLM solution, namely: cost savings, reduced security risks, ease of implementation, and greater ROI. By routinely accelerating time to market by up to 75% and reducing ECO cycle times by 50%. Arena offers consumer electronics companies the competitive advantage to achieve first mover status and capture increased market share.


Arena cloud-based product lifecycle management (PLM) solution helps industrial manufacturers take durable and non-durable goods to market with an organized infrastructure — allowing them to efficiently centralize product data, streamline processes, and launch quality products faster.


Transportation manufacturers of all stripes manage complexity better with Arena's cloud-based product lifecycle management (PLM) solution. We also provide cross-functional collaborative supply chain solutions, materials and processes, enabling better decisions – and better products.

Consumer Products

Arena eliminates confusion over product design by removing the collaboration barrier and increasing communications with a centralized cloud-based solution. Arena also provides revision control over your BOMs via a collaborative change order process that facilitates synchronization across the dispersed supply chain. It also increases operational efficiencies, reduces product errors, and tracks product changes.

Clean Tech

Arena helps clean tech manufacturers eliminate product design confusion and increase operational efficiencies for accelerated business results. With Arena PLM, clean tech manufacturers are able to solve how to live sustainably on our planet without an abundance of oil and coal.

When Electronics Supply Chain Matters - Arena PLM, ALM & QMS Matters

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