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Over 1,400 global companies trust Arena PLM and QMS to deliver high-quality products on time and under budget.

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Over 1,300 global companies trust Arena to deliver high-quality products on time and under budget.

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Learn how Arena’s product lifecycle management (PLM) and quality management system (QMS) solutions give high-tech electronics, consumer electronics, and medical device companies a competitive edge.

Taking Embedded Computing to the Next Level With Arena PLM

Congatec needed to gain better control of their product information to support their global commercialization efforts. Arena provides Congatec’s internal teams, external suppliers, and EMS partners greater visibility into the core product bill of material (BOM) to help optimize designs and release their advanced embedded computing products faster.

Speeding Product Development and Commercialization

EVBox’s charging solutions lay the foundations for a world where electric mobility is the new normal by giving EV drivers the ability to charge with confidence. Arena helps EVBox speed product development and commercialization with a single source of truth to manage product, quality, and compliance information across global teams.

Bridging the Gap Between Design and Execution

AMP Robotics is modernizing the world’s recycling infrastructure. To scale their business and products, AMP needed control over product development processes and the ability to bridge the gap between design and manufacturing. Arena PLM meets all of AMP’s requirements for CAD and ERP integrations, scalability, and process control.

Accelerating the Path From Prototype to Production

instagrid is a pioneer of off-grid portable battery systems. Arena PLM provides instagrid a single source of truth for their engineering teams and supply chain partners to better manage and control the entire product design from concept to production.

Exceeding Customer, Quality, and Cost Targets

Kinsa's smart thermometers help stop illnesses from spreading by connecting doctors, families, and patients. A complete solution for product lifecycle, quality, and complaint management drives efficient processes across the organization to meet customer, quality, and cost targets.

SomaLogic Building a Compliant Foundation for Commercialization Success

To stay ahead in the highly regulated and competitive life sciences market, SomaLogic needed to fast-track innovation and demonstrate compliance with various industry regulations and standards. Arena provides SomaLogic a product-centric framework to manage quality processes and drive compliant practices across dispersed teams.

Reducing Design and Production Errors With Cloud PLM

Haltian is a leading Internet of Things (IoT) and product development company. To ensure seamless interoperability between their devices’ sensors, software, and electrical components they needed to move away from managing bill of materials (BOMs) and associated product information in Excel spreadsheets and disconnected systems. With Arena PLM Haltian has a single, centralized solution that brings structure to their product record and keeps their dispersed teams on the same page.

Gaining Full Control and Traceability of the Product Record

As a high-growth satellite communications company, ALL.SPACE needs a systematic approach to showcase to their customers and investors how their product is progressing and addresses evolving market needs. Arena provides ALL.SPACE with a single system to manage and control the entire product record, keep dispersed teams on the same page, and enable faster engineering change cycles.

Empowering Global Teams to Deliver Products Faster

A leader in the specialized field of radio frequency (RF) technology, Filtronic must constantly look beyond the horizon and push boundaries to get their clients to market faster. Arena provides a unified system for Filtronic’s global design, engineering, and production teams to collaborate and deliver innovative and compliant products quickly.

Delivering Innovative Technologies To The Defense Industry

Providing solutions for defense primes, military groups, and commercial industries, Spectranetix identified Arena as key to supporting its rapid growth, customer demands, and compliance requirements. Arena for AWS GovCloud provides the company PLM and QMS control and traceability, empowered by cloud-based agility.

Establishing a Compliant Foundation for Defense Product Development

SIONYX delivers digital low-light level cameras to commercial and defense markets. With Arena, SIONYX has a best-practice unified PLM and QMS platform to meet defense customers’ requirements, support ISO9000 effort, and ensure quality product deliverables.

Accelerating Product Development Across the Globe

With dispersed teams, H2 PowerTech needed a better way to manage component information, product changes, and quality issues across their global R&D, design, and manufacturing sites. Arena PLM provided a centralized system to collaborate throughout the product development process.

Achieving Commercialization and Compliance Success

Potrero needed to ensure compliance with the FDA, ISO, and European Union to achieve commercialization success. With Arena QMS, Potrero was able to connect quality records directly to the product design in a single system to accelerate closed-loop quality processes and resolution cycle time.

Improving Visibility Across Design and Manufacturing

FreeWire needed a single, centralized solution to keep everyone on the same page and eliminate design confusion. Arena PLM enabled FreeWire to stay ahead of the competition and get high-quality products to market by speeding product development and increasing visibility across teams and partners.

Transforming Solar Power Tracker Technology With PLM

Nextracker was searching for a better way to manage product information with distributed teams, enable automated approvals, and provide better tracking and accountability. Arena’s cloud-based PLM solution checked all the boxes.

How Nutanix Reduced BOM Errors to Absolute Zero

Nutanix helps modernize data centers to run applications at any scale in the Cloud. Using Arena PLM eliminated change management and BOM confusion across the supply chain to drive faster product development and introduction processes.

Picarro Gains Visibility, Traceability, and Control

Picarro depends on Arena PLM to achieve their new product introduction (NPI) goals by providing a central location to manage complex product information while meeting environmental and quality systems compliance.

Tracking Product Progress Against Company Priorities

Kymeta’s satellite technology brings easy connectivity to cars, planes, and boats—providing global access anytime, anywhere. Read how Arena helped Kymeta speed product launches with better product development and quality management.

Embracing Enterprise-Wide Accountability to Be the Best

Enphase Energy makes solar simple and energy smart with commercial and residential solutions. Arena PLM helps Enphase manage product development and quality processes across its internal teams and external supply chain partners.

Establishing Design Controls for Today and the Future

RefleXion Medical is on a mission to provide better options for cancer patients worldwide. In support of the mission, RefleXion chose Arena as the system of record for design and quality controls to enhance the company's growth.

Blast Motion Reduced Delays by 50% and Errors by 75%

Blast Motion is defining the future of personalized motion capture technology. Discover why Blast turned to Arena to drive its supply chain collaboration, thus reducing manufacturing errors by 75% and shipping delays by 50%.

Why Quality Execs Prefer a Unified Product Development Platform

To ensure superior product lifecycle visibility and enhance team collaboration, Apical Instruments turned to Arena. As a result, Apical reduced ECO cycle time, eliminated manual processes, and decreased IT infrastructure costs.

Achieving Closed-Loop Design Control Across the Organization

Pulse Biosciences helps treat cancer without added toxicology, using Nano-Pulse Stimulation (NPS). Pulse relies on Arena to drive its quality management and design control processes and has improved training compliance by over 97%.

Driving Quality Across Supply Chain to Highest Levels

IntraOp Medical Corporation uses Arena to ensure team execution for product realization with the highest quality. Connected product and quality management processes, coupled with Arena Analytics, are driving better business decisions.

Eliminating Silos to Slash Engineering Cycle Delays by 90%

Affirmed Networks is transforming mobile. With Arena, Affirmed eliminated silos and increased team visibility to keep all teams on the same page. Using streamlined ECO processes, engineering change cycle times were reduced by 90%.

Connecting Dispersed Teams to Drive Efficiency

Air International Thermal Systems needed to shorten product development cycles. Learn how Arena helped the company reduce part costs, drive more efficient supply chain collaboration processes, and speed engineering change processes.


Arena’s SaaS solutions help Somalogic manage their digital product and quality records across dispersed teams.

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Arena Helps Create Next-Generation Products

Angela Pastick, Supervisor of Quality Systems, explains how Arena helped Nevro manage their quality processes and product record in a single solution.

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