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Kymeta is the future of connectivity. Kymeta’s satellite technology and services make it easy to bring connectivity to cars, planes, boats, and much more: Global access, anywhere, anytime, while on the move. With a fast track from development to commercial launch, Kymeta has changed how the world thinks about connectivity. To meet Kymeta’s strategic goals, they selected the Arena platform for product development and quality management.

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As a rapidly growing company, Kymeta is moving fast with multiple products and diverse markets, including land, sea, air, and connected cars. Product and quality management are top priorities, so the company needed an enterprise platform to scale from pre-production startup to commercial shipping with a global supply chain. Kymeta utilizes Arena’s product realization platform for product and quality management processes.

Kymeta has placed priority on visibility of processes for measuring progress against company priorities. First, Kymeta implemented Arena to manage connected product and quality processes from NPD through to production release. Then, with Arena Analytics, the team gained integrated analysis of all these activities, particularly product change analysis during the critical new product introduction timeframe.

Christine Baele, Configuration Specialist reporting to the VP of Operations, explains that prior to Arena Analytics, Kymeta tracked these required metrics, but in a painful, labor-intensive manual method. “The biggest value of Analytics is having it inside Arena—being inclusive,” said Christine.

Analytics is the fast, automatic method to perform the complex, multivariant analysis of change the teams need as a measure of progress, allowing for immediate adjustments and continuous improvements. Arena’s analysis is part of a set of regular corporate health reports that enable the executive team to measure progress against company priorities. Arena’s analytics capabilities are also a tremendous time-saver for Kymeta. Christine shared, “Fridays are much better for us. We can spend the first half of the day doing our job, instead of crunching data manually.”

With the required corporate product metric analysis in place, Kymeta next focused on ensuring the company had closed-loop processes for quality issues, such as NCMRs, from report to resolution. With these processes managed in Arena, the team gains not only control, valuable product history, and transparency, but also critical analysis capabilities to continuously improve. Of quality process control and analytics, Christine said, “Our use of Arena Quality and Projects is ever-growing as both aid our product efforts from design to production.”

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Arena plays a key role in getting us to our product goals.

– Christine Baele, Configuration Specialist, Operations, Kymeta