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Is Your Upcoming Product Launch at Risk?

It’s not uncommon to read about product launch failures in today’s headlines. In 2009, Microsoft launched the Zune HD portable media player. Although the product worked relatively well, its special features could not outcompete the Apple iPod MP3 player which was introduced earlier. The Zune media player was short-lived and eventually discontinued in 2011.1 In 2016, Samsung launched its Galaxy Note 7 smartphone. More than 2.5 million units were recalled a few months later due to a battery flaw which caused the device to catch fire.2

How can manufacturers avoid these failures and reap the rewards of innovation?

Greater visibility into design for manufacturability (DFM) issues early in the product development cycle may have enabled Samsung’s teams to prevent the battery malfunction. In the case of Microsoft, getting the Zune MP3 player to market ahead of the competition may have increased consumer adoption.

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To minimize risks and achieve commercialization success, organizations must rethink traditional product development practices and embrace more modern approaches. This is especially critical in today’s global economy, as companies now deal with increased competition, evolving regulatory requirements, supply chain disruptions, and a shift to a virtual workforce.

In this ebook, we explore how cloud-native solutions provide manufacturers a more agile framework to efficiently execute product work and accelerate innovation.