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Introducing Arena API. Connectivity for the Enterprise.

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Your business requires operating across sites, groups, time zones and processes to seamlessly go from design to shipping product to customers while communicating with suppliers and vendors next door and around the world. The critical business systems that support your business must not standalone.

With Arena PLM’s new application programming interface (API), customers can connect Arena’s robust cloud-based enterprise solution to other critical systems (think ERP, CAD, B2C and more) to support your business. Arena’s API enables you to leverage all your enterprise business systems to answer questions that range across people, data and operations. The results; shrink time to market, reduce product errors, collaborate globally, and scale effortlessly.

API Solves Both Simple and Complex Challenges

Arena API allows for simple or complex solutions, deepening upon business needs. While some common business concerns range across industries, other needs may be unique to the few.

Simple API Solution: Use Arena API to update Arena from ERP on ever-changing target costs. This allows you to accurately predict and track costs — after changes are approved and manufacturing begins production — and make better purchasing decisions for bottom–line improvement.

Complex API Solution: Dynamically create engineering items and add related file content in Arena PLM based on activities in upstream systems. This includes CAD or other systems that manage your products as well as avoiding costly and frustrating human data entry errors.

Trust Arena’s Technical Expertise

Arena API follows all other Arena offerings with our commitment to cloud-based solutions, industry standards and thought leadership best practices to ensure your success. The API utilizes the same rigorous authentication controls, secure data protocols and adherence to cloud-based web service standards as the rest of our PLM family.

Get Started

The new API, combined with Arena’s cloud solution, facilitates connecting your systems and data to match expanding business needs. With the API, you build but once. API applications and integrations built today will work tomorrow, regardless of upgrades in Arena’s PLM components and architecture. With the Arena API, you can start connecting your systems today in new ways to support your business tomorrow. Use Arena’s Solutions Consulting team, our partners, or your own resources to connect now.

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