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MCAD Middleware Automation And Integration Platform

Automate Design Process between Mechanical CAD and Arena

Provided by CADTALK

Pricing Details:


Annual subscription for active sessions


Engineering Design Tools

Connects to these systems:

Autodesk AutoCAD, Autodesk AutoCAD Electric, Autodesk Fusion 360 CAD, Autodesk Inventor, Creo, EPLAN, Microsoft Excel, Solid Edge, SOLIDWORKS


Connected App

Integration Flows:

  • Arena > Target System
  • Target System > Arena


The CADTALK CAD <> PLM Solution

Have multiple CAD tools across your engineering teams? You can use CADTALK platform to integrate them to Arena. CADTALK is a middleware automation layer that facilitates data flows between multiple CAD systems and Arena. Systems currently supported include Autodesk® AutoCAD, Autodesk® Fusion 360 CAD, AutoCAD Electric, Fusion 360, Inventor/ Vault, and Revit; PTC Creo; SOLIDWORKS®, Solid Edge®; EPLAN; Microsoft® Excel, and Tekla®. And CADTALK also offers a middleware solution for Arena to select ERP systems, allowing you to integrate both upstream and downstream systems with one platform and one Arena partner.

Connect the Mechanical Design Process to the Full Product Record

Collaborating with today’s dispersed design teams introduces risk when moving from team-level engineering design to the larger released product record and manufacturing. Design teams utilize MCAD work-in-progress (WIP) tools to ensure engineers do not step on each other’s toes during early design. Once the individual designs are mature enough, they need to be incorporated into the full product design with other mechanical, electrical, software, and documentation components. With CADTALK Integration for your MCAD, teams have an automated and easy process that reduces errors and accelerates the NPI process.

How it Works

The CADTALK Integration for MCAD tools provides design teams with the ability to create and publish parts, BOMs, and files from within the MCAD to Arena. MCAD users publish the engineering BOM and configurable file types such as PDF, STEP, or CAD data to Arena. All integration activities can be accessed on demand through the MCAD files both with and without PDM or directly from PDM (if the MCAD has a PDM) with a headless automated service.

Annual Subscriptions, Users, and Recommended Sessions

CADTALK CAD <> PLM is an annual subscription software based on the number of active session licenses needed. CADTALK active sessions indicate the number of manual and scheduled sessions being run simultaneously for data actions between systems.

CADTALK CAD <> Arena is available in three functional packages – Launch, Scale, and Enterprise – and priced per CADTALK active session.

Number of recommended active sessions is based on the size of mechanical engineering team. Please see the data sheets for recommended sessions.

This integration is sold by Arena and delivered by CADTALK, providing you with a streamlined purchase process coupled with the expertise of an Arena development partner. Contact Arena to learn more and begin the purchase process.


  • Faster Innovation: Ensure operations team feedback early in the design process, in support of design for manufacturing (DFM) framework
  • Speed: Reduce onboarding and training time by removing the need to learn how to duplicate same or similar tasks in multiple systems
  • Process Simplification: Support business needs with configuration options for publishing part data based on design scenarios
  • Standardization: Maintain a consistent and controlled complete product record for the entire organization and supply chain
  • Reduce Costs and Delays: Ensure everyone is working from the same, most current product record and associated files


  • Publish Options: Triggered with headless automated service, on-demand publishing when needed, and / or access directly to Arena information from the MCAD system (depending upon MCAD support)
  • Publish Items and BOMs: Publish new parts and BOMs to Arena.
  • Flexible Publish Configuration: Support for configuration options, exclusions, transforms, and other actions.
  • Publish Files: Publish derived files (MS Office, PDF, STEP, other configurable file types) from the MCAD to Arena, associating these file(s) to related parts in Arena
  • Update MCAD: Update MCAD with Arena Item Description and item data field information


Services and Support:

Sales, implementation and configuration services, and on-going support and maintenance of any integration / app is provided by the provider listed below. All queries regarding purchase and support of the integration solution should be directed to the provider.

Integration Methods:

Arena API, Middleware

Arena Licensing Needed:


Arena Worlds / Modules Required:

Product Record - BOMs, Items, Changes, Files

Supports Arena GovCloud?


SaaS Solution?




Other System Requirements:

Cadtalk Minimum Technical Requirements

  • 64-bit Windows 10 or higher; Processor 1.5 GHz or higher; 8 GB of RAM; Disk space (minimum) 500 MB
  • NET Framework 4.6.xx or higher
  • Autodesk Inventor Read-Only mode required if user does not have Autodesk Inventor installed.
  • CAD software is not required to use CADTALK unless user wants to install inside the CAD host.


CADTALK has provided world-class CAD to ERP and PLM integration and implementation since 2005, with customers throughout the world. With a deep understanding of ERP, PDM, PLM, and CAD software and the challenges facing manufacturing companies, CADTALK provides deep and robust integrations that can be configured for each customer’s needs. CADTALK has partnerships with all the major CAD/PDM/PLM vendors.

Areas of Expertise:

  • ERP / MRP
  • mCAD
  • Integrations


As you move from research to evaluation to deployment, Arena provides a customer experience to help you get the most value from our PLM and QMS solutions.


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