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Supplier Item Lookup With SiliconExpert

Reduce Risk in Your Supply Chain with Supplier Component Visibility inside Arena

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Included in some Arena platform packages and available as add-on


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Integration Flows:

  • Target System > Arena


Gain visibility into critical component details across your entire product. Design right the first time with compliance and market availability knowledge. Reduce risk of shipment delays, increased product costs and overall product quality. With this connection, you have SiliconExpert data available in Arena where component engineers and supply chain teams are working to make decisions.

Arena Supplier Item Lookup gives access to current electronic component market availability and compliance information across the entire product BOM—in a single view. In Supplier Item Lookup, you can easily search for components in the SiliconExpert component database. The BOM Lookup view displays current availability from authorized suppliers and availability of component documentation. Users can drill down to each component to quickly access detailed information including availability, compliance status, cross references, product change notification, component data sheets and compliance documentation—all without ever leaving Arena.

How it Works

  • Provides the ability to view component market availability, datasheets, and compliance information within Arena.
  • Enables engineering and sourcing teams to review BOM and part-level supplier item lookups. Displays results in BOM view that includes market availability, pricing, and compliance documents.
  • Allows quick access to component data sheets as well as compliance certificates for RoHS, REACH, materials declarations and conflict minerals directly from the Arena BOM view, eliminating the need to search multiple manufacturer websites.


  • BOM Component Health Visibility Within the Product Record
  • Track Component Market Availability
  • Compliance Knowledge On-Demand
  • Cross References


  • Identify and mitigate risk factors quickly within the system your company uses daily, reducing shipment delays and increased product costs down the line
  • Quickly respond to component availability issues across your BOM
  • With access to component compliance documentation within Arena, save time and valuable team resources and ensure higher product quality
  • Less time searching for alternate components
Arena Supplier Item Lookup with SiliconExpert


Services and Support:

Sales, implementation and configuration services, and on-going support and maintenance of any integration / app is provided by the provider listed below. All queries regarding purchase and support of the integration solution should be directed to the provider.

Integration Methods:

Arena API

Arena Licensing Needed:

API calls, Arena Machine User

Arena Worlds / Modules Required:

Product Record - BOMs, Items, Suppliers, Files

Supports Arena GovCloud?


SaaS Solution?




Other System Requirements:

SiliconExpert Gold or Platinum API subscription


Arena, a PTC Business, helps companies create innovative products that change the world. Arena unifies product lifecycle management (PLM) and quality management system (QMS) processes, allowing every participant throughout product development and commercialization to work together fast and effectively. With Arena, dispersed teams accelerate the design and delivery of quality products.

Areas of Expertise:

  • mCAD
  • QMS
  • PLM
  • Supply Chain
  • Regulatory – Life Sciences
  • Regulatory – Defense
  • Integrations
  • Business Processes


As you move from research to evaluation to deployment, Arena provides a customer experience to help you get the most value from our PLM and QMS solutions.


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