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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration

Connecting Engineering with Operations

Provided by QBD Solutions

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Connects to these systems:

Microsoft Dynamics


Connected App

Integration Flows:

  • Arena > Target System
  • Target System > Arena


The Microsoft Dynamics® 365 Adapter for Arena by QBD Systems connects engineering and operations, helping you deliver high-quality products to market. This solution automates the process of transferring current product data between Arena and Dynamics, eliminating redundant data entry and ensuring the information in Dynamics is more accurate. This integration keeps key Dynamics 365 users aware of part and structure changes. It also guarantees operations has the latest released bill of materials (BOM), approved manufacturer and part numbers, approved supplier and part numbers, and engineering changes (ECO) from engineering.

How it Works
The Dynamics 365 Adapter for Arena is designed to integrate Arena with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Business Central, or legacy Dynamics GP, Dynamics AX, and Dynamics NAV. The product enables Arena users to update their Microsoft ERP solution with part, bill of materials, change order, and manufacturer part information (as supported by your Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Dynamics system).

The Dynamics 365 Adapter for Arena is flexible and extensible. Attribute values in Dynamics are updated with information from Arena along with default values for fields that you wish to initialize but are not revision controlled in Arena. This integration supports user scripting in Visual BASIC.NET so that the value of fields can be determined programmatically.
This flexibility allows you to synchronize your database consistently and to your specificity, minimizing the need for manual “retouching” of your data. This integration also supports custom attributes added to the standard Dynamics 365 tables as well as custom tables.

The Dynamics 365 Adapter for Arena Profile Utility is used to configure all aspects of your integration including mapping information, error conditions, user scripts, value translation, activity notifications, etc. The “Inbox” is the user interface for the runtime module which performs database updates. The runtime module can be run on-demand or it can be scheduled with Windows Task Scheduler.


  • Minimizes shortages and reduces cost by making MRP more accurate
  • Eliminates production delays and waste due to inaccurate or obsolete product structure information
  • Keeps key Dynamics 365 users aware of part and product structure changes
  • Minimizes impact on IT with no custom code to support or test as you upgrade to a new Dynamics 365 release
  • Reduces administration efforts by eliminating redundant data entry
  • Easy to implement and configure in less than an hour with no programming


  • Enforces Dynamics 365 business rules
  • Ensures data integrity with two pass logic by validating entire dataset before updates begin
  • Translates from Arena item values to Dynamics 365 values
  • Sets flexible defaults for values not originating in Arena
  • Allows scripting in VB.NET
  • Runs on-demand or continuously, or schedule with Windows Task Scheduler to run at specific times
  • Create and update supplier information in Arena from Microsoft Dynamics (bi-directional option)
  • Update costing for Items in Arena from Microsoft Dynamics (bi-directional option)


Services and Support:

Sales, implementation and configuration services, and on-going support and maintenance of any integration / app is provided by the provider listed below. All queries regarding purchase and support of the integration solution should be directed to the provider.

Integration Methods:

Arena API, Arena ERP Exchange

Arena Licensing Needed:

API calls, Arena Machine User, Integration Adapter License

Arena Worlds / Modules Required:

Product Record - BOMs, Items, Suppliers, Changes

Supports Arena GovCloud?


SaaS Solution?




Other System Requirements:

Microsoft Dynamics 365, Business Central, or legacy Dynamics GP, Dynamics AX, and Dynamics NAV


QBD stands for “Quality By Design.” QBD strives to deliver products and services of the highest quality possible. Founded in 1994 to deliver software and services to manufacturing organizations large and small, QBD understands your business. QBD crafts leading-edge software solutions to help your company gain a competitive edge. Headquartered in Pepperell, Massachusetts, QBD specializes in integrating ERP with product lifecycle management (PLM) and product data management (PDM) solutions.

Areas of Expertise:

  • ERP / MRP
  • Integrations


As you move from research to evaluation to deployment, Arena provides a customer experience to help you get the most value from our PLM and QMS solutions.


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