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Cadence OrCAD Arena Bi-Directional Integration

Closed Loop with Zero Touch BOM

Provided by EMA

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Engineering Design Tools

Connects to these systems:

Cadence Allegro, Cadence OrCAD


Connected App

Integration Flows:

  • Arena > Target System
  • Target System > Arena


Bring Products to Market Faster

Design your products faster with fewer iterations and reduce errors by connecting engineering to the enterprise with an integrated OrCAD® and Arena® PLM design flow.

Successfully designing electronic products requires an array of groups and disciplines to work together across the organization, from engineering and manufacturing to procurement and others. All too often these groups are operating with a set of disconnected data sources resulting in decisions being made in a vacuum without understanding the full impact on the product, its overall time to market, and eventual profitability. Without full access to the requirements of all stakeholders, errors may often go unnoticed until right before the product is ready to ship, resulting in schedule delays and the potential to miss the targeted window entirely.

The Arena-OrCAD Bi-directional Integration provides the ability to connect these various data sources together, giving the entire product team real-time visibility into all of the data required to make informed decisions early in the design cycle. Providing early access to this essential information reduces the potential for errors or miscommunication which greatly enhances the chances your product will ship on-time and on-budget.


  • Reduce time to market with direct integration between your OrCAD data and Arena PLM
  • Access critical business information directly inside OrCAD during design time
  • Empower engineering to make optimal part selection decisions early in the design cycle when the cost of change is lowest
  • Ensure all stakeholders are on the same page by utilizing a common set of data
  • Mitigate risk, avoid schedule delays, and reduce scrap with a connected product development environment


  • Closed Loop NPI - Automatically generate an Arena PLM part number and status to new parts introduced in the design. This ensures part qualification occurs up-front, removing late stage supply chain issues.
  • PLM Data Inside OrCAD - Empower engineering to make intelligent design decisions upfront with access to critical data such as lifecycle, stock, and pricing directly inside OrCAD.
  • “Where Used” at the Touch of Button - Easily identify the effect of part changes across your various products without leaving the OrCAD environment.
  • Native Integration - Access the information you need from PLM within the context of your OrCAD environment.
OrCAD - Arena Bi-Directional Data Flow


Services and Support:

Sales, implementation and configuration services, and on-going support and maintenance of any integration / app is provided by the provider listed below. All queries regarding purchase and support of the integration solution should be directed to the provider.

Integration Methods:

Arena API, Arena EDA Adapter

Arena Licensing Needed:

API calls, Arena Machine User, Integration Adapter License

Arena Worlds / Modules Required:

Product Record - BOMs, Items

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Other System Requirements:

Environment must include

  • OrCAD CIP Server 23.1.x, 22.1.x, 17.4.14 or above or EMA CIP Server 7.6.0 or above
  • OrCAD CIP Client for the corresponding installed version of CIP (e.g., OrCAD CIP Client 23.1.18, 22.1.18, 17.4.18, or EMA CIP Client 7.6.4, etc.)
  • Cadence OrCAD Capture CIS 23.1, 22.1, or 17.4
  • CIP credentials for any local CIP user, required to use the CIP API when transferring Arena MPN attributes. If you do not enter valid credentials, such attributes cannot be updated.


EMA Design Automation, a Cadence® Channel Partner, is a leader in product development solutions; we offer a complete range of electrical CAD tools, data management and PLM systems, services, training, and technical support.

Areas of Expertise:

  • eCAD
  • PLM
  • Integrations


As you move from research to evaluation to deployment, Arena provides a customer experience to help you get the most value from our PLM and QMS solutions.


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