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Green Data Exchange (GDX) Integration

Meet Growing Environmental Compliance Mandates, Evolving Regulations, and Customer Disclosure Requirements

Provided by Q Point Technology

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Compliance & Regulatory, Component Libraries

Connects to these systems:

Green Data Exchange (GDX)


Connected App

Integration Flows:

  • Arena > Target System
  • Target System > Arena


Q Point Green Data Exchange (GDX) integrated with Arena automates and simplifies product compliance with regulations. GDX provides you a large repository of existing compliance information. In addition, it helps you connect directly with your suppliers to obtain real-time compliance information. GDX automates the full spectrum of the process. It identifies the appropriate contact at suppliers, allowing them to respond with information in a consistent, ready-to-use format. And it provides the tools to analyze data in real time and as often as your product changes. GDX can be configured to automatically provide compliance status and evidence to supplier parts in Arena.

How it Works

In Arena, create supplier parts with supplier name and number, as well as compliance requirements (e.g., REACH, RoHS, Conflict Minerals, and Full Material Disclosures). Your supplier parts will be automatically synchronized with GDX. GDX not only provides access to existing compliance data, it provides a comprehensive method to request compliance data from your suppliers when needed. With Arena and GDX, you have better compliance visibility around your entire product. In Arena, select a BOM, export it, and then import it into GDX to view compliance status. Drill down to analyze details. Search and filter parts in GDX to conduct analysis or identify parts requiring compliance information. View detailed information on any supplier part. In GDX, easily send an information request to a supplier for compliance information and/or supporting documentation. Utilize the GDX management dashboard to track the status of open requests. Finally, generate a product-level certificate of compliance (CoC) to share with a customer and record in Arena PLM.


  • Product/Bom Compliance Determinations with Comprehensive Part Level Compliance Information
  • Full Commodity Coverage for Off-the-Shelf and Custom Parts
  • Supplier Requests Management
  • Part Analysis


  • Automatically syncs your parts in Arena with GDX. Compliance status and evidence documentation are visible in Arena.
  • Instantly determine if your product has complete compliance information and complies with regulations.
  • Access existing compliance data from over 10,000 suppliers in GDX.
  • View detailed declaration data on any supplier part, including RoHS status, certificate of compliance (CoC), exemptions, REACH status, regulatory version, substance disclosure, test reports, conflict minerals, manufacturing process, and lifecycle status.
  • Manage all commodity types as required by regulations. Commodity types may include mechanical, optical, packaging, bulk material, chemical, electronic, and electro-mechanical items, both as custom and off-the-shelf parts.
  • Communicate directly with suppliers from within GDX to request information and track status
  • Identify exemptions used and end-of-life parts. Assign and assess supplier rating criteria and part level risk.
  • Generate a product level CoC for customers and maintain evidence documentation in Arena.
Arena GDX Main Flow


Services and Support:

Sales, implementation and configuration services, and on-going support and maintenance of any integration / app is provided by the provider listed below. All queries regarding purchase and support of the integration solution should be directed to the provider.

Integration Methods:

Arena API

Arena Licensing Needed:

API calls, Arena Machine User

Arena Worlds / Modules Required:

Product Record - BOMs, Items, Suppliers

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SaaS Solution?




Other System Requirements:

Green Data Exchange (GDX) subscription


Q Point is a leading provider of software and services for environmental compliance, social responsibility, component engineering, and supply chain. Q Point’s Green Data Exchange SaaS platform is the largest compliance data exchange in the industry, connecting companies to their suppliers. Q Point services allow customers to meet environmental compliance regulations, increase supply chain efficiency, better leverage internal resources, and reduce costs.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Supply Chain
  • Regulatory – Life Sciences
  • Regulatory – Defense


As you move from research to evaluation to deployment, Arena provides a customer experience to help you get the most value from our PLM and QMS solutions.


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