Arena Exchange

Simplified Collaboration for Your Supply Chain

Exchange Features

Arena Exchange provides you with a free and easy way to collaborate without cumbersome user provisioning

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What is Arena Exchange? exchange logo

Arena Exchange provides OEMs with a secure, flexible environment for collaboration with multiple users, at all supplier levels, throughout your global supply chain.

What does it do?

Exchange allows supply chain partners to review, comment, approve, or reject build packages. Internal teams can easily monitor the review processes as updates occur. First-tier suppliers can invite second-tier suppliers to collaborate as needed without requiring licensing.

Value Proposition

Every member of your supply chain can work together without worrying about user licensing or provisioning. Exchange works with any PLM system that supports the Product Data eXchange (PDX) standard. Partners without a PLM can review and download information easily as well.

Who Cares?


Collaborate early with contract manufacturers to ensure products can be built as designed.

Operations and Supply Chain Partners

Address product design, manufacturing, and sourcing issues throughout the release process. Fewer surprises results in faster time to market and improved margins.

Quality Control

Exchange accurate, complete design information and feedback with all supply chain members. Avoid quality issues that lead to increased scrap and rework.

What’s Unique?

Exchange enables supply chain teams to collaborate without user license provisioning. First and second-tier suppliers can review build package data, provide bid information, and give feedback using this free solution. Partners can import or export information from any PLM solution. Partners without PLM can export product information.

With Arena Exchange, every member of your value chain is working from the same set of product designs. All are working toward the same goal: to bring high-quality products to market quickly for the best possible price.

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    • Flexible cloud-based virtual collaboration

    • Suppliers can invite their suppliers

    • Status approval monitoring and real-time review updates

    • No user provisioning



Works with any PLM solution that supports PDX. Deliver products to market more efficiently.

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Early supplier involvement lessens product defects.


Clear communication with all supply chain participants of the latest release revisions ensures everyone is in sync and making exactly the right parts/assemblies for your product launch.


No administrative effort required to collaborate with supply chain. To start a collaboration session, simply invite a partner to collaborate.