What is Quality Inspection?

Quality Inspection Definition

A quality inspection involves measuring, examining, testing, or gauging various characteristics of a product and comparing those results with specified requirements to determine whether there is a conformity. Quality Control (QC) is critical to build and deliver products that meet or exceed customers’ expectations.

What is Quality Inspection


What are the 3 types of quality inspection?

The three types of quality inspection are:

  1. Preproduction Inspection – During the preproduction phase, raw materials need to be tested before entering production
  2. In-line Inspection – Additional inspections should take place during various stages of the manufacturing process. Typically, the first products to get off the production line are inspected for defects.
  3. Final Inspection – The final inspection serves as the last opportunity to identify and address quality issues before the product reaches the customer. At this point, products are inspected to verify that they align with specific performance requirements

*Source: https://qualityinspection.org

What is a product quality inspection?

A product quality inspection is a process that involves inspecting and testing a product’s numerous features to ensure that it fulfills pre-determined requirements. This inspection might be done by the factory’s quality control staff, a buyer, or a third-party organization.

*Source: https://insight-quality.com

What is the difference between quality control and inspection?

Quality control encompasses the processes or checks that are put in place to ensure manufactured products meet all appliable quality standards. A product inspection on the other hand, is a component of quality control which verifies that a manufactured product meets set specifications and performance criteria.

*Source: https://insight-quality.com

What is a quality inspection standard?

Quality inspection standards provide well-defined inspection plans and sampling methods that organizations can use to ensure that products meet specific requirements.

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