What is a Part Component?

Part (Item or Component) Definition

Companies that manufacture physical or discrete products design and produce assemblies comprised of individual parts. A part (sometimes referred to as a component or item) is a constituent piece of a product. Product assemblies are documented and defined using bills of materials (BOMs) that provide the full recipe required to build the finished product.

What is a Part


What are component items?

Components are individual parts or items that are used to build a product. Bills of materials (BOMs) provide the complete list of components that are used to assemble the finished product.

What is difference between component and product?

A product refers to a larger manufactured object that is offered for sale, whereas a component refers to a smaller, self-contained portion of the finished product..

*Source: https://wikidiff.com/product/component

What is a component assembly?

A component assembly is the combination of individual components to form a finished product. The assembly can be comprised of mechanical, electrical, or software components.

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