What is a Part Number (Item Number)?

Part Number Definition

Parts, or components, are identified with unique numbers. As product designs are created, each part is given a unique number that can be revision controlled and used to build one or more product assemblies.

What is a Part Number


Is part number the same as model number?

The model number is the general number for that specific product, whereas the part number is unique to that product. The part number is the model’s particular and unique number.

*Source: https://electroanswers.com

What is the importance of a part number?

Part numbers are needed to help manufacturers easily identify, manage, and track the various components that are used throughout the entire product lifecycle. Without part numbers, products are more likely to be built incorrectly.

What is the manufacturer part number?

A manufacturer part number (MPN) is a unique identifier provided by a company to identify its products. An MPN is usually only required for products that are difficult to identify from one another.

*Source: https://empireflippers.com

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