What is a Product Record?

Product Record Definition

A product record refers to all of the product information including parts, assemblies, drawings, documents, and approved manufacturers (AML) that are required to design, produce, and deliver products to market. Product lifecycle management (PLM) systems help companies manage, review, and approve product designs from concept through end of life.


Who is typically in charge of creating a product record?

The responsibility of creating a product record will vary by organization; however, it is typically assigned to someone in engineering or document control.

Why is a PLM system important in regards to a product record?

A PLM system aggregates the entire product record (BOMs, parts, approved supplier/manufacturer lists, SOPs, etc.) in a centralized system. This enables product teams and external supply chain partners to effectively manage and track product requirements, design changes, and team deliverables to meet new product development and introduction milestones. Automated engineering change processes and revision controls are applied to BOMs, parts, and documents to ensure that teams always have access to the latest product information and full visibility into any issues that impact production.

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