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Arena Analytics Provides Key Insights Into Product Data

Business-IntelligenceArena introduced Arena Analytics, a robust business intelligence (BI) solution, that enables companies to gain meaningful insights into how their product-related processes are performing. Arena Analytics is powered by GoodData, a leading provider of Insights-as-a-Service, and creates highly visual dashboards that integrate the power of BI with product lifecycle management (PLM).

We interviewed Amy Duryea, senior manager of customer & partner marketing at GoodData, to get her thoughts about our partnership and the value it offers high-tech and medical device product companies.

Arena: How would you describe GoodData?

GoodData: GoodData enables the industry-leading enterprises, ISVs, brands, and agencies to monetize underutilized data—developing and distributing personalized data products out to every business in their network.

Our market-leading platform and team of experts enable customers and vendors to build a unique series of data products that deliver completely independent, self-service analytics to their customers and partners—without putting any additional stress on their internal resources or systems.

Arena: Arena PLM allows OEMs to manage and refine their development and supply chain processes. With that in mind, describe the benefits of GoodData’s partnership with Arena.

GoodData: By embedding advanced analytics directly into the product record, Arena gives engineers and manufacturers alike real-time insight into how, when, and why they need to make changes to their product or process. These engineers are data-driven, of course, so GoodData-powered advanced analytics allows organizations to streamline their operations, be more nimble and ultimately expedite prototyping and time to market.

Arena: How does this BI integration help manufacturers?

GoodData: Imagine the data investment manufacturers are making in not only their processes but also the products themselves. Every product is beginning to take on an Internet of Things (IoT)-like form. These manufacturers have also made significant investments in the infrastructure needed to support their internal teams, supply chain partners, customers, and other business partners. The challenge is to understand and even anticipate when products need servicing or identifying where opportunities are to optimize the development and production process.

Every organization wants to reduce operational costs and expedite development cycles to improve its margins. Without a completely integrated BI solution, it’s incredibly difficult to do.

Arena: What’s unique about this integration?

GoodData: Ease of use. Customers may be surprised to discover how incredibly easy it is to use Arena Analytics (powered by GoodData). Many BI tools are designed for a data analyst, not for a routine business user. GoodData’s dashboards and data discovery interface have been specifically designed for the latter — so that every user can dig into the data and start to understand it quickly and easily.

What’s great about the GoodData-Arena integration is that every Arena Analytics customer benefits from a personalized set of Arena PLM analytics:

  • Personalized information
  • Unique dashboard view
  • Guided ad hoc analysis
  • Ability to share dashboards
  • Collaborate with non-Arena PLM users

Final Notes:

Arena Analytics goes beyond spreadsheets by providing the ability to create reports that examine data from multiple dimensions and provide deeper insights into business processes. Also, once created, reports and metrics are readily available and update in Arena PLM at a scheduled time convenient to the user.

With the support of GoodData’s platform, Arena Analytics customers require no additional IT resources to build on-premise BI infrastructure. Arena and GoodData provide the complete infrastructure and tools so Arena PLM customers can quickly focus on easily reviewing new process insights that can lead to business improvements.