What is an Item Master ?

Item Master Definition

An item master is a record that lists key information related to an inventory item. This may include item description, bill of materials (BOM), cost of goods (COGS), manufacturing and supply lead times, and minimum order quantity. The item master is used as a source of information for purchasing and production planning.

What is a Item Master


What is Item Master in ERP?

An item master is a collection of all the important details about a specific inventory item. This could include the date of manufacture, a brief description of the inventory item, its measurements (size, weight, and so on), price, and current stock levels.

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What is Item Master Maintenance?

Item master maintenance enables you to maintain detailed information related to an inventory item. This includes creating new items, editing existing items, assigning items to different locations, and maintaining vendor details such as part numbers.

What is the purpose of item master list?

An item master list provides important information about a specific inventory item. An item’s description, unit of measure, weight, dimensions, ordering quantity, and other details may be included. An item master list serves as a source of data for several purchasing and production planning tasks.

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