What is an Item?

Item Definition

An item (also referred to as a part of component) is any discrete object or entity that is included in the product assembly.

In the manufacturing world, items are defined and maintained in a bill of materials (BOM).
Each item is assigned a unique identification number and name. Other distinguishing information such as description, quantity, unit of measure, and procurement type is used to ensure that the right items are sourced and incorporated into the final product.

In many cases, items can be complex, requiring a deep understanding of the underlying systems and technologies involved. They may also be subject to a variety of external factors, such as supply chain disruptions, customer demand, and regulatory requirements, that can impact their value and relevance.

Businesses that invest in item or BOM management applications can gain better control and visibility over their operations and supply chain, thereby reducing risks and improving efficiency.

Best Practices for Item & Document Management

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