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Supplier Item Lookup brings real-time information to your BOM

If you’ve ever designed for parts that are non-compliant or approaching end-of-life, you understand the value of accessible and up-to-date component information. But unless you work for an enterprise with access to expensive data aggregation services, it isn’t easy to get detailed and timely information for off-the-shelf components.

To solve this problem, Arena teamed up with Octopart, a Google-esque search engine for components, to develop Supplier Item Lookup—a BOMControl add-on that provides current market availability, datasheets and compliance information for all your BOMs.

With information like this at your fingertips, you are better equipped to reduce component risk and design available, optimally priced parts into your BOM. You can quickly identify potential supply shortages for essential components, avoid non-compliant or high-cost components and discover new opportunities to save money.

Benefits of Supplier Item Lookup

  • Know at-a-glance if the components you’re evaluating are available for purchase
  • Determine if components meet the regulatory requirements for your product
  • Identify potential supply shortages for essential components in your BOM
  • Monitor items in your BOM for sudden market availability changes
  • Pull up-to-date datasheets for all the parts in your BOM

How exactly does Supplier Item Lookup work?

Supplier Item Lookup communicates with Octopart’s extensive component database to pull up-to-date supplier information on market availability, lifecycle status and regulatory or environmental compliance for the manufacturer and supplier items in your BOM or aBOM.

Supplier Item Lookup (SIL)

Delivering on the advantages of the Cloud

As a growing number of manufacturers embrace cloud solutions, we’re excited to continue pushing the frontiers of cloud capability. From integrations with cloud ERP solutions like Netsuite and Business ByDesign to building partnerships with component search engines like Octopart, we are always looking to find what’s next.