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How PLM Helped GAME GOLF Score a Hole in One

Golf-driverAre you a frustrated golfer, who slices your woods and three putts every green? GAME GOLF CEO John McGuire has the solution for you.

GAME GOLF is a new wearable technology created by Active Mind Technology, Inc and backed by professional golfers Graeme McDowell, Lee Westwood, Jim Furyk, Chesson Hadley and Sophie Walker.

Golfers can record their statistics through a combination of near field communication (NFC) tags attached to each club linked to a GAME GOLF device—a small box loaded with GPS and motion sensors to capture all the important data in your game. Data is then uploaded via USB to the GAME GOLF platform.

(Note: NFC technology enables smartphones and other devices to establish radio communication with each other by touching the devices together.)

GAME GOLF creator John McGuire, a software engineer, has taken pride knowing that he’s lowered the handicap of golfers worldwide.

“We’ve had more than 17 million golf shots recorded on 17,500 golf courses in 100+ countries, and have compiled about 3-4 billion data points,” says McGuire. “We had our engineers construct some live maps in our offices, and it’s been astounding to visually see golfers around the world logging their rounds in real time. GAME GOLF has gone global pretty quickly even though we only have official distribution in two countries at the moment.”

McGuire was fascinated with the mental side of performance and has a background in behavioral psychology and how it applies to sports. He developed sports-specific wearable technology and software that helps you improve your game by understanding your game—and the psychology that goes with it. The key was designing a product that was easy to use.

“Setup is simple—pop a tag onto each of your clubs and you are ready to go,” says Larry McCracken, vice president of GAME GOLF. “When you're ready to play, put the device on your belt and hit the course. Whenever you take a shot you just "tag" the club against the device on your hip. With that, your game is completely recorded. Every shot. Seamlessly.”

GAME GOLF is permitted in tournament play, allowing automatic shot and game tracking for comprehensive post round analytics and capability to share that information socially. “Golfers have been playing the game of golf without any insight on how well they played from day to day,” says McCracken. “We know how far you hit each shot as well as your club performance. Golfers can tell how far their hitting those clubs and get a typical range that you hit a particular club. So with all this information, you’re now in a position to be able to focus on your game and use that in any way that you want to help identify where you may need some help.”

To achieve the level of success GAME GOLF has enjoyed, the company had to first overcome some complicated regulatory challenges and document control issues. To do that, the company turned to Arena PLM’s document management solution.

“Prior to having Arena PLM, we relied on Excel spreadsheets to manage our bill of materials (BOM), which didn’t work very well at all,” says McCracken. “Because we have products in countries all over the world, regulatory compliance was a challenge. Arena PLM's document management features allow us to store regulatory information so we can keep up to date and minimize the amount of work that we have to do when we put together compliance information.”

Utilizing Arena PLM's change management features, collaboration tools and history tracking, GAME GOLF streamlined their document management process. GAME GOLF placed all their change-controlled documentation in Arena PLM and managed the revision process. Arena PLM’s advanced user privileges features allowed document access anytime—anywhere—for their employees and partners alike. “I don’t know what we would do without Arena PLM,” says McCracken.

Arena Solutions already has well over 100 Internet of Things (IoT) customers.  GAME GOLF's success story is but one of them.