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How Atlas Wearables Removed Weight of File Mismanagement From Its Shoulders

atlas-globeWhen Atlas Wearables, makers of a fitness tracker that automatically logs your workouts, needed a product lifecycle management (PLM) solution to streamline its product design processes, an international consulting agency recommended Arena PLM.

“Successfully launching a new product into the market involves a number of challenging and complex tasks, each critically linked to the one preceding it,” said the consultant. “All too often great product ideas fall far short of expectations or fail altogether because one or more tasks does not receive the necessary level of attention. This is especially true if the product concept is not fully validated during testing or worse yet, a validated product has not been optimized for cost-effective production and assembly.”

The consultant continued, “Arena PLM has helped Atlas Wearables overcome the complexity of engineering challenges. Also, Arena listens to its customers. I know of several instances in which Arena incorporated customer feature suggestions in new product releases.”

To investigate what sold Atlas Wearables on Arena PLM, we decided to interview their CEO Peter Li. In this Q&A, Peter gives his insights on the company’s success and PLM decision-making processes.

Arena: Describe Atlas Wearables.

Atlas: Atlas Wearables is a data-driven technology company focused on people who exercise and coach. Atlas builds devices and software infrastructure to help anyone take control of their workout routine and fitness content.

Arena: How does it differ from other fitness trackers on the market?

Atlas: The Atlas Wristband is a specialty device made for strength training. It provides you a way to focus on improving your form while taking away all unnecessary distractions at the same time. It also gives you a new sense of control and comfort all on your wrists–you can choose which activities you do and the Atlas Wristband will monitor for you.

Arena: What made you choose Arena PLM over other solutions?

Atlas: Arena PLM was a solution that some of our manufacturing partners were familiar with. As we looked into solutions, we realized that it was very easy to get a working knowledge of how to use it, which meant that we felt comfortable introducing it to our partners that were not familiar with the product. In addition, as we looked further into the solution, we realized that it covered all of our current needs as a start-up, but also had the features that we were going to need in the future.

Arena: Why did you want to use a cloud-based solution

Atlas: Since Atlas manufactures internationally, having all of the necessary files available in the cloud meant that the data could be easily made available to our manufacturing partners. It also meant that all of the files would be readily available for confirmation as to the latest revision. There would be no more “let me find the email that they sent”, or “I know I put that file somewhere” experiences.

Arena: What features influenced your decision to choose Arena?

Atlas: The ease to set up new vendor accounts as needed. Also, the ability to track history back to the beginning of the part is useful to help identify prototypes. We also look forward to being able to take full advantage of the approval system. We can see Arena satisfying our needs for a long time.

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