What is Supply Chain Disruption?

Supply Chain Disruption Definition

A supply chain disruption is any event that causes a disruption in the production, sale, or distribution of products. Supply chain disruptions can include events such as natural disasters, regional conflicts, and pandemics.


How do we minimize supply chain disruptions?

To minimize the impact of supply chain disruptions:

  • Have a system a place to enable real-time communication and collaboration between product teams and supply chain partners
  • Conduct a supply chain risk assessment
  • Diversify your supplier base
  • Build up a contingency stock
  • Identify backup suppliers
How do supply chain disruptions impact manufacturers?

Supply chain disruptions can cause:

  • Product shipment delays
  • Quality issues
  • Increased customer complaints
  • Lost revenue
  • Inability to gain first-mover advantages
How do PLM solutions help minimize supply chain disruptions?

Cloud-based PLM solutions enable product teams and supply chain partners to access current product information and collaborate in real-time from any location. This ensures that all impacted teams are always on the same page and helps circumvent manufacturing design issues, material shortages, and other supply chain shocks.

Improve Supply Chain Collaboration

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