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Avoid the Dark Side of Quality Failure, Defeat the Phantom Menace of Product Error, and Ship to Market at Light Speed

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Light-SpeedIf you’re a modern product development company, could the fictional Star Wars universe teach you valuable manufacturing lessons? Lessons that could benefit your business, especially your new product introduction (NPI) processes—hmmm? Herh. Herh. Herh.

As any good engineer will attest—you bet your movie quality Chewbacca mask it can!

For companies desperate to avoid the dark side of product errors and the phantom menace of quality failure, Arena published a Star Wars parody titled, “Engineering Lessons From the Dark Side.” With this eBook, engineers can learn how to strike back against strict compliance mandates and sniff out nefarious suppliers. In this work, infamous characters candidly discuss how Arena’s cloud-based product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions enabled them to design products that changed the galaxy.

Medical device companies around the world can now learn how Emperor Palpatine was able to overcome strict FDA compliance mandates to expedite the shipping of Darth Vader’s ambulatory suit to market. Within this eBook, you’ll discover the following:

  • What caused The Galactic Empire’s Death Star to ship to market with an obvious design flaw.
  • How R2D2’s manufacturer reduced component, parts and capacitor costs.
  • Why product designs for Darth Vader’s suit repeatedly failed to meet FDA standards.
  • And of course you’ll learn how to keep a closer eye on your suppliers—and their suppliers—to ensure unscrupulous Jawas don’t sell you dangerous counterfeit parts at inflated prices.

    Arena ensures companies are better equipped to get products to market with a collaborative environment for centralizing, controlling, and analyzing complex and constantly changing product information including regulatory hurdles, ever more complex compliance, and change orders.

    Whether you’re designing a droid, a GoPro camera or a wearable fitness product, Arena PLM eliminates the time consuming complications of managing unwieldy change orders by formalizing the change management process with an intuitive cloud-based solution. No manufacturer wants to suffer a Death Star-like product design disaster. Arena ensures your product doesn’t explode just before launch.

    In this eBook, persona parodies confess their manufacturing mistakes and offer innovative product design companies “a new hope.” Glean their insights to better streamline design processes and ensure the development of successful products. Faster.

    It’s one thing to hear how a real customer used supplier item lookup (SIL) to help with part searches and meet compliance pains they faced on a regular basis; however, it’s even more fun to read how Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn gained greater visibility into part needs to better negotiate attractive price discounts with greedy contract manufacturers, such as Watto.

    So whether you’re building a high tech Death Star or a groundbreaking medical device, this eBook will show you the ways to triumph over the Dark Side of quality failure and eliminate the terrifying introduction of bogus parts. Download this eBook to discover why innovative product companies across the galaxy say, “Help us Arena PLM, you’re our only hope.”