What is a Digital Thread?

Digital Thread Definition

A digital thread is a communication framework that enables a flow of data between digital and physical worlds to optimize products, people, processes, and places. Technologies such as SaaS PLM solutions create a persistent digital thread that follows a product’s entire lifecycle – from design and production to the end customer. This enables better communication and alignment across the entire value chain, resulting in increased productivity, higher quality products, and faster innovation.

What is Digital Thread


What is digital thread concept?

Digital thread is a communication infrastructure that enables a connected data flow and integrated view of an asset’s data across traditionally fragmented functional viewpoints throughout its existence. The concept of a digital thread raises the bar for getting the correct information to the right location at the right time.

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What is digital thread in PLM?

Traceability and governance of your product data across the organization are made possible by a digital thread built on PLM. A persistent digital thread is generated by SaaS PLM solutions and it follows the product’s entire lifecycle. This enhances communication and alignment across the entire value chain, resulting in higher productivity and enhanced product quality. .

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What is digital thread in manufacturing?

In manufacturing, the digital thread connects digital data across the product design, production, and inspection processes. Manufacturing specialists can readily see how items progress through the manufacturing process in real time, making the best decisions, working efficiently, and ensuring product quality.

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What is digital twin and digital thread?

A digital twin is a depiction of a product or system that mimics a company’s equipment, controls, workflows, and processes. A digital thread serves as the communication framework for the flow of data between the physical and digital worlds to optimize products, processes, people, and places.

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