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Streamline Your Complaint Handling Process


In this on-demand event, Arena integration partner FlowEQ (formerly BrightReps) reviews how the integration of QMS with CRM can streamline your complaint handling process.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Create Arena quality processes from within your CRM
  • Maintain an audit-ready record of Arena quality processes
  • Automatically sync important Arena updates back to your CRM and close the loop

QMS Tip: Sharing Changes With Suppliers

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If you’re encountering costly production errors and product delays, it may be time to revisit your engineering change process.

Sharing changes via spreadsheets, email, and other disconnected systems makes it hard for suppliers to identify the latest product information and quickly address manufacturability issues, sourcing, and other production bottlenecks.

By implementing a cloud-based QMS solution, your suppliers always have access to a single source of truth to review the latest design changes and ensure the right product gets built on time and under budget.

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Pulse 05-2022 QT - Buyer.jpg

Achieving Closed-Loop Design Control Across the Organization


Having a single closed-loop system to manage all product and quality processes is a must for Pulse Biosciences as they look to meet regulatory requirements and further advance their Nano-Pulse Stimulation (NPS) platform for cellular and intracellular therapeutics.

See how Pulse Biosciences is leveraging Arena QMS to enhance traceability, improve training compliance, and ensure compliance.

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