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Cloud PLM: Market Evolution or Revolution?

The Opportunity for Deploying Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) in the Cloud

IDC Technology Spotlight


Connected technologies span many industries including high-tech electronics, medical device, apparel, automotive, and health & fitness. To put the “smart” in smart products, manufacturers need to manage the development of software and printed circuit boards more efficiently throughout the product development process. Due to the complexity of connected products, OEMs are moving to the next generation of product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions.

This Technology Spotlight examines the opportunity for manufacturers that are considering the deployment of PLM in a cloud architecture. You’ll discover why many companies are moving to the next generation of Cloud PLM solutions. The reasons include:

  • Product complexity, driven by the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Global expansion and competition
  • The need to collaborate more efficiently throughout the product development lifecycle
  • Mass customization and personalization of products

Is the move to cloud-based PLM a market evolution or revolution? Read this IDC Technology Spotlight to learn more.

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All PLM Clouds Are Not Created Equal

Providing a World-Class Cloud Solution

CIMdata Report


This CIMdata analyst report showcases the differences between varying types of clouds (public and private) and explores what comprises a world-class solution. Cloud product lifecycle management (PLM) has not only become accepted, but it is also now widely sought after by high-tech and medical device manufacturers. Companies with global supply chains and highly regulated products need a single system to innovate and launch new products fast. This report reviews the fundamental definitions of cloud computing, punctuates their salient differences, and highlights the characteristics of world-class cloud platforms while reviewing the capabilities of the company that was the originator of multi-tenant cloud PLM—Arena.

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Why Quality Management Belongs in PLM

All-in-One PLM Solutions Connnect Product and Quality Processes

Tech-Clarity Report


Quality management system (QMS) and product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions are two proven disciplines that help companies improve quality and product profitability. Unfortunately, these highly complementary initiatives are typically owned by different departments and managed as separate processes—this leads to disparate QMS and PLM systems implemented with little integration. When companies bandage together siloed systems, design processes are compromised and products suffer from serious costly quality errors. Does quality management belong in PLM?

Discover the answers in this eBook. Read the stories of four Arena customers whose businesses benefitted significantly from having quality and product lifecycle management systems in a single solution. Tech-Clarity clearly demonstrates how an all-in-one QMS and PLM solution enables companies to better manage their quality management processes and regulatory requirements. They develop an accurate, cohesive view of the product and its history, and focus on their core competencies: delivering world-class products, on time and on budget.