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QUALITY TALK – October 2020

Arena Solutions

Possible to K.I.S.S. and Still Have Closed-Loop Processes?


There is a tension between keeping processes as simple as possible while still meeting the needs of everyone involved in the process. Industry veterans recently chatted about how to achieve this balance and still improve the process.

Ready For Remote Audit

#beprepared #guide

We're getting more virtual, not less. Remote audits are here. We have some tactics you can use to prepare for remote audits of any kind. You'll also be ready to thrive when things of course change...again.

Preparation = resilience

Cost of Spreadsheets—Too High?

#blog #productwork

They are everywhere. You can create one in seconds and share it with others in a few clicks. They spread throughout the business. But, what do they cost us?

Spreadsheet pros and cons

Recognizing Potrero Medical for COVID-19 Work

#customerstory #compliance

Arena customer Potrero Medical is helping frontline workers combat the spread of COVID-19. They recently shared with us how they use Arena to achieve product commercialization and compliance goals. We are thrilled our platform supports their work.

Making a difference


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