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Bringing a new invention to life: Tips for getting started

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You’ve just conceived a brilliant new invention. Now what?

A recent post in the Mojo blog offers suggestions to help you navigate the early stages of “bringing your creation to life.”’s “4 Rules For Inventors & Entrepreneurs Sourcing Their Products” are:

  1. Enlist a designer – You’ll get better manufacturing results if you can provide complete, accurate design information. One option is to pick a manufacturing partner that offers design capabilities too.

  2. Quality of information – Having good, complete information will help you find the right supplier, shorten the production process and make design changes more easily later in the game.

  3. Think twice about going to a low-cost country for your first run – When you’re just getting started, cost is a concern–but the complexity that comes from variables like language, lead times and quality management shouldn’t be overlooked. Be as thorough as possible when comparing the tradeoffs.

  4. Protect your invention…correctly – Require non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) before discussing your invention, and get trademark and patent applications underway right away.

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