What is New Product Introduction (NPI)?

New Product Introduction Definition

New product introduction is the process of taking a product idea from concept to being available for use or production. The NPI process involves various steps that include making sure all teams are communicating throughout the NPI process and that all rules and regulations are followed. In simple terms, it’s bringing the initial idea of the product to market. NPI is often associated with NPD (new product development) and takes place after the NPD.

New Product Introduction Process

What is a New Product Introduction


Why is new product introduction important?

New product introduction establishes a framework to help organizations turn an initial concept or idea into a finished product. It enables businesses to enhance manufacturing efficiency, lower development costs, accelerate time to market, and enhance product quality.

*Source: https://versae.com/new-product-introduction-npi/

What are the key stages of new product introduction?

The key stages of new product introduction (NPI) are:

  1. Concept/idea
  2. Feasibility study
  3. Design and development
  4. Preproduction
  5. Launch/manufacturing
  6. Mass production
  7. Improvement

The Cost

Delivering new products to market is challenging. And It is difficult to see the cost impact of one or more mistakes.

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