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Best Practices for New Product Introduction (NPI)

What are New Product Introduction (NPI) Processes?

LightbulbGetting high-quality products to market fast is more complicated than ever. Distributed teams using different tools and sharing information with external supplier partners means that it’s easy to slip up and work on the wrong design. The need to innovate and get your products first to market means that you need a way to keep your internal teams and supply chain partners on the same page.

New Product Introduction (NPI) processes affect many teams, product lines, and supply chain partners that are required to design, develop, test, produce, and ship products as teams move from early concepts to prototyping and volume production.

Establishing a solid, unified plan for NPI will help you meet cost, quality, and scheduling goals—while eliminating costly mistakes that can lead to excessive scrap and rework or customer complaints. A good NPI process is the foundation of any successful product launches and helps boost sales, customer satisfaction, and revenue growth.

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Establishing a strong NPI plan has a major impact on your bottom line

Getting new products ready for release can be involved, intimidating, and subject to many common pitfalls. That’s why we’ve outlined Best Practices for NPI and NPD Success to ensure that your product development and introduction processes are smooth and efficient.

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Breaking Down the Barriers to Product Innovation

New product development (NPD) and new product introduction (NPI) practices have shifted drastically over the last decade, as companies have picked up the pace of innovation to survive and prosper in the face of customer demands for greater performance at a lower price, increased global competition, and more stringent regulatory requirements.

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