What is Issue Management?

Issue Management Definition

Issue management refers to the identification and resolution of issues. Problems can involve product failures, software defects, material shortages, supplier issues, and more. Issue management covers identifying, tracking, analyzing, and working to resolve and prevent future issues.

What is a Issue Management


What is issue management in business?

Issue management is the process of quickly identifying and addressing any problems that occur over the course of a project or within an organization. This involves documenting the issues and resolving them through careful review and consideration of all relevant information.

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What are the five steps in the issues management process?

The issue management process includes the following steps:

  1. Identify the issue
  2. Identify the impact
  3. Review possible actions
  4. Take action
  5. Monitor and review

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What is the focus of issues management?

Issue management is focused on resolving problems quickly and correctly and driving continuous improvement.


Closed-loop issue management speeds resolution.