Arena Tickets Management

Manage Product Issues and Enhancements



Arena Tickets Management ticketing process graphicDuring rapid development cycles, resolving product issues correctly can be the difference between successful and unsuccessful product launches. Complex products requiring cross-functional teams increase the risk of failure.

With Arena Tickets, you can track all your product issues and enhancements. Arena Tickets provides a single, unified solution to capture, assign, and track tickets. You can link tickets to product records, quality process actions, project plans, requirements, and engineering changes. Arena’s ticket management helps make your product quality, innovation, time, and cost goals become reality.




Improves Product
  • Connect development to continuous improvement processes
  • Manage tickets in a central system with links to part revisions, changes, projects, requirements, or quality records
Increases New Product Development and Introduction (NPDI) Success
  • Provide your cross-functional product team visibility and traceability of tickets with assignments, priority, status, and any other attributes important to your development process
  • Confirm designs, adjust plans, and resolve issues as early as possible
  • Capture all the resulting files and images associated with resolutions
Improves Team Collaboration
  • Identify, track, and resolve issues before production runs
  • Confirm ticket resolution with link to engineering change
Supports Continuous Improvement
  • Create a history of issues, defects, and enhancements linked with the product and available for consideration in the next design revision


Arena Tickets provides collaborative, closed-loop issue management. With Tickets, issue management across engineering teams is fast and orderly. Your entire product team—software, hardware, electrical, and firmware—can manage and collaborate on product issues and enhancements with confidence. Don’t wait any longer. To start using Arena Tickets, contact [email protected].


Are your development teams tracking issues and enhancements using disconnected data-capture methods, such as spreadsheets, email threads, and homegrown systems? Or maybe they have tried tools designed for only one team, or only one part of the process? Now, you have a better choice. Arena Tickets provides a single, unified solution where you capture and resolve issues connected to related product, project, requirement, and quality records in Arena. This visibility enables collaboration, transparency, and improvement.

Continuous Improvement

For sustaining product development, fast and clear collaboration to priori tize and resolve challenges means fewer costly errors and delays. This collaboration translates into achieving your product objectives. Arena Tickets tracks product issues and enhancements against specific revisions of parts. In addition, your tickets can re- ference quality or product projects and development requirements, providing your team with a competitive edge throughout the NPDI. And, for all your future product efforts, you have a clear list of reported issues and enhancements to improve your products.

Easy to Use

Cross-functional product teams can submit, track, and collaborate on any type of product ticket at any point in the product lifecycle. Arena’s powerful editor enables rich content creation including tables, lists, images, and much more.


Global product teams need 24/7 access to product tickets as they are created and dispositioned. Arena Ticket Management is built into our product realization platform for global availability.