What is an Engineering Change Order Form?

Engineering Change Order Form Definition

An engineering change order (ECO) form is used to describe, review, and approve changes to parts, assemblies, or products. ECO forms will include the reason for the change, description of the change, all affected parts and documents, cost information, and stakeholder signature blocks.

What is an Engineering Change Order Form


What is an engineering change order system?

An engineering change order system is an electronic or paper-based system that is used to manage the engineering change order process—from documenting the necessary changes and obtaining approvals to providing instructions for change implementation.

*Source: versae.com

What is the difference between ECN and ECR?

An engineering change request (ECR) describes the proposed changes to a product design or process, whereas an engineering change notice (ECN) is used to implement that actual changes that have been approved via an approved engineering change order (ECO).

How do you document an engineering change order?

To document the engineering change order, you should include the following information:

  • Description of the problem
  • Reason the change is needed
  • Proposed change
  • Cost impact
  • Part or document number(s) affected by the problem
  • Name of the originator
  • Change request submission date
  • Disposition action required to resolve the original issue


This article defines engineering change orders (ECOs), describes the role they play in new product development (NPD) and manufacturing, benefits or ECOs, and best practice processes.