What is Document Management?

Document Management Definition

Document management is the act of managing and controlling a product’s documentation. This includes the creation, modification, approval, issuance, and accessibility of a product’s documents. Document management can be done with manual paper-based systems or software solutions.

What is a Document Management


What are document control processes?

Document control processes include:

  • Document creation
  • Document review and approval
  • Document revisions
  • Document publishing
  • Document storage
  • Document obsoletion

*Source: documentlocator.com

How do you establish a document control system?

To establish a document control system:

  • Identify documents and workflows
  • Establish ownership and quality standards
  • Name and classify documents
  • Create revision protocols
  • Establish security and user access roles
  • Classify and archive documents to ensure version control

*Source: fool.com

Are software document control process better than paper document control?

Document management software systems are better than paper-based systems because they enable users to:

  • Retrieve information faster
  • Improve compliance with secure access roles and historical audit trails
  • Enhance traceability
  • Readily share information
  • Easily manage document revisions and approvals
  • Accelerate review and approval cycles
  • Automate the management and control of documents
How does document control help with manufacturing products?

Linking document control or document management processes to PLM and QMS software systems helps eliminate the confusion of having duplicate or lost documents. It also provides internal teams and partners efficient access to controlled documents to help simplify compliance and accelerate product develop processes.

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