What is Change Request?

Change Request Definition

In the manufacturing world, a change request is a formal, written proposal to modify a product, process, or system. Change requests ensure that all relevant parties are informed and can provide input and collaborate on the proposed changes.

Typically, the change request contains vital information such as a detailed description of the proposed change, its justification, and its potential impact on the manufacturing process, product quality, cost, or schedule. It serves as the basis for discussions and negotiations among stakeholders, such as engineers, production managers, and quality assurance teams, to determine the proposed change’s feasibility, necessity, and acceptability.

After a thorough review and evaluation, the change request may be approved, modified, or rejected. If approved, the change is implemented, which may involve updates to the manufacturing process, equipment, or documentation.

The Cost

Delivering new products to market is challenging. And it is difficult to see the cost impact of one or more mistakes.

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