What is Change Order Request?

Change Order Request Definition

A change order request is a formal, written proposal to modify a project’s scope, specifications, or requirements. Change order requests are an essential component of effective change management, allowing for the assessment and negotiation of alterations while maintaining clear communication among key stakeholders.

The change order request typically contains a detailed description of the suggested change, the reasons behind the proposed adjustment, and the potential impact on the project’s schedule, budget, and resources. It serves as a starting point for discussions and negotiations between parties to determine the necessity, feasibility, and acceptability of the proposed change.

Once the change order request has been thoroughly reviewed and assessed, it may be approved, modified, or rejected. If approved, the request leads to the creation of a change order proposal, which further elaborates on the proposed changes and their implications. A change order, which formally documents the agreed-upon modifications, may be issued after negotiations.

The Cost

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