Breaking Down the Barriers to Product Innovation

Connecting Product Information and Teams Is Vital to Success in NPD and NPI


Today’s innovators are continually increasing design and configuration complexity and compressing product launch cycles to drive growth in the face of intense global competition. The convergence of mechanical, electrical, and software design, along with the advent of the IoT, means it’s crucial for multiple disciplines to freely share information. Hence, NPDI processes require distributed teams to collaborate in real time to deliver high-quality products to market fast.

The modern way to speed product launches involves using a single cloud-based system that will empower teams to collaborate throughout NPDI and beyond. Providing cross-functional teams with a single product realization solution to aggregate the entire product record provides better visibility to all teams, ensuring faster and more successful product launches.

Arena’s product realization solution bridges NPD and NPI processes with connections to:

  • Complete product record including hierarchical BOMs
  • Quality and corrective action preventive action (CAPA) processes
  • Project management information
  • Product requirements and issue tracking
  • Component lifecycle and compliance information
  • Product and quality analytics
  • Employee training records
  • Upstream and downstream systems

Arena enables the product realization process, enabling seamless sharing of product information with connections to change, quality, training, and related product processes. This connected single system accelerates NPDI processes throughout the product lifecycle. Real-time collaboration is further enhanced by Arena’s cloud-based platform to enable dispersed product teams to collaborate securely and effectively. The result is OEMs, ODMs, and supply chain teams are empowered to create innovative products with breakthrough capabilities and unparalleled levels of performance, while meeting regulatory, scheduling, and budget constraints.