What is Cloud QMS?

Cloud QMS Definition

Cloud QMS software provides life sciences companies a controlled and automated way to manage product and quality processes throughout the product lifecycle. It connects quality records to the product design in a single unified system, enabling product teams to document and track design controls, user requirements, employee training, corrective and preventive actions (CAPAs), and other essentials to meet regulatory standards (e.g., FDA, ISO, EU MDR) and ensure product safety and effectiveness.

By leveraging the Cloud, product teams and supply chain partners can collaborate anytime and anywhere using a web browser. This keeps everyone on the same page and helps prevent production errors and nonconformance issues.


What are the 7 QMS principles?

The seven principles of quality management are: Engagement of people; Customer focus; Leadership; Process approach; Improvement; Evidence-based decision making; and Relationship management.

*Source: https://www.qmsuk.com

What are the 4 types of QMS?

The different types of quality management systems vary by industry:

  • Any industry: ISO 9001
  • Automotive: IATF16949
  • Medical device: ISO 13485
  • Food: ISO 22000.

*Source: https://www.ideagen.com

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