Debunking the Top 3 Myths Regarding Multi-Tenant Cloud-Based PLM Architecture for Medical Device Firms Confirmation

Cloud-based Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) enterprise software is an established, proven technology that offers real, tangible advantages to medical device manufacturing companies of all sizes.

So why, after a decade on the market, are these cloud-based PLM systems still feared by some medical device companies?

Any medical device company that fears cloud-based solutions needs to read this white paper, "Debunking the Top Three Myths of Cloud PLM Solutions."

In this white paper, the cloudiness and fears surrounding cloud
solutions will be eased by busting these three myths:

The cloud is not safe. A medical device company’s internal IT department can do a better job ensuring company data security.

Cloud-based enterprise software is constantly changing, so keeping required PLM validations up to date is impossible. Because of this regulatory compliance is threatened.

Cloud PLM architecture may help and the advantages are apparent, but it will still be necessary to buy and integrate a separate QMS solution.

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Discover the truth about cloud PLM today. Cloud myth busters unite — you have nothing to lose except your costly on-premise misery.

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