Secure ITAR and EAR Product Development in the Cloud

Demonstrating Compliance to Win and Keep more Business

Key Business Questions ITAR and EAR Compel

ITAR and EAR are two regulatory structures that control the export of defense articles, including technology, technical data, dual-use articles, and more. Any business involved in the design, manufacture, or sale of these articles will need to complete ITAR and/or EAR registration and will have technical data and technology that must be secured to comply with these standards. That reality surfaces two key questions that every company operating in this space will need to fully understand and answer to be successful:

  1. What is needed to ensure ITAR and/or EAR compliance?
  2. How will ITAR and/or EAR compliance affect the broader business?
Key Business Questions ITAR and EAR Compel

Foundationally, product design and manufacturing companies subject to ITAR and EAR need a secure product lifecycle management (PLM) platform that drives innovation and ensures process, policy, and system compliance. Old-school on-premises systems and manual solutions (file folders, spreadsheets, on-premises servers, and outdated legacy systems) that try to address this need create data silos, deter collaboration, and hinder visibility across product life cycles and portfolios.

In the past, some manufacturers have expressed uncertainty as to whether cloud solutions could meet these needs and truly meet regulatory requirements. Now, leading companies find that secure cloud-based PLM does fully support ITAR and EAR compliance and adds a wide array of other tangible benefits for their businesses.