Demonstrating ITAR, EAR, and CMMC Compliance to Gain Market Advantage

How Arena Achieves ITAR/EAR/CMMC Compliance and Business Objectives

ITAR/EAR Compliance and Business Objectives

As we have noted, ITAR/EAR compliance in the Cloud focuses on ensuring that applicable technical data is not inadvertently distributed to foreign persons or foreign nations. CMMC compliance focuses on having the proper protocols, security controls, and monitoring in place to mitigate cyberattacks and safeguard sensitive information. At Arena, security and compliance are shared responsibilities between us, our data center provider, AWS GovCloud (US), and our customers (both administrators and end users).

For both defense-related and commercial product advancement, Arena PLM for AWS GovCloud provides a secure platform for unifying your entire product record. Users gain complete visibility and traceability, with support for ITAR/EAR/CMMC compliance at every phase, from requirements management to sustaining high-quality products that endure.

Arena’s multilayered security model translates to significant savings of cost and time for your business since you don’t have to invest in additional IT resources to build a security framework from scratch.

Purpose-Built With Proven Architecture

Arena is designed to address complex product realization and supply chain needs for companies of all sizes, from younger fast-growing companies to large global enterprises. Our multi-tenant SaaS cloud-native architecture streamlines regulatory compliance, formalizes design-control processes, and improves both communication and product quality for leading organizations

Arena Achieves ITAR/EAR Compliance and Business ObjectivesBusiness-Ready by Design

Arena solves the complexities of PLM with a highly intuitive system that’s easy to provision, set up, configure, and use—no coding necessary.

Secure AWS GovCloud Foundation

We have teamed up with best-in-class AWS GovCloud (US) to offer Arena for regulated customers. Arena’s PLM for AWS GovCloud deployment is geographically located within the United States. Continuously audited by accredited third-party assessors, it supports ITAR/EAR compliance with physical and logical administrative access to U.S. citizens only and NIST NP 800-171 Standardized Reference Architecture.

Process Controls for Regulated Environments

Arena further ensures information security with firm controls on the people, tools, and processes that touch the data and systems. Secure Cloud requires attention to detail, not just in the platform foundation, but in all aspects that impact the system and data. Our approach to security process controls for the regulated environment is consistent with the requirements in NIST and DFARS. It includes employees, vulnerability assessments, internal and third-party audits, security policies and procedures, operational and security monitoring, incident response, and disaster recovery and backup.

Arena PLM Security Model

Arena PLM Security Model