PLM vs. PDM: Why Product Lifecycle Management Is Required Today

Product Data Management Solutions Only Solve Part of the Problem

CAD with PLM Drives Design, but PLM Speeds Complete Product Launch

Every design team needs one of several mechanical, electrical, and/or software design tools, but they all need a single solution to bring the design together for sharing with the extended product teams. The days of working in siloed design teams and throwing designs over the wall to manufacturing are gone. With new connected technologies like IoT, AR, VR, and robotics, electronics and software play critical roles in product development. Being able to assemble the design and ensure interoperability at every step of the NPD and NPI process is key to success.


Arena’s cloud-based PLM solution was designed to help complex product companies with distributed teams and global supply chains interact in real time anytime and anywhere. Arena invented SaaS PLM and has driven innovation for more than 1,400 companies across the globe. Companies today require systems that are easy to deploy, configure, and maintain. Arena helps small to global-sized companies scale their development and production operations by making it simple to use and connect to existing upstream and downstream systems.

So, if you’re tired of trying to get by with yesterday’s tools that create team and product silos, check out Arena PLM and learn why the leading innovators rely on us to design, produce, and deliver high-quality products fast.

NPDI Process