Today’s Product Innovators Need Intelligent BOM Management

Extending Traditional PLM Boundaries

Arena began by providing the ability to create, change, and release products, which is the core of any good PLM system. As customers’ manufacturing models became more distributed and complex, broader product process support was added to ensure products could be designed, manufactured, and shipped on time and without incident. Today, Arena’s product development platform includes both PLM and QMS with more extended product processes than any other cloud-based solution on the market to provide a single source of truth for the connected product and quality record.

Product Development Platform

Product Development Platform

These extended product processes include management of the core product record with connections to:

  • Closed-loop quality management processes
  • Project management information
  • Product requirements and issue management
  • Component lifecycle and compliance information
  • Product analytics
  • Employee training records
  • Supply chain partners
  • Enterprise integrations (e.g., CAD, ERP, CRM, SSO)

Arena has extended the traditional borders of PLM to deliver a true single-source solution where all teams can collaborate more effectively and in real time.