Today’s Product Innovators Need Intelligent BOM Management

In-Context Collaboration

In-Context Collaboration

Collaboration across teams and partners is the standard objective for every product company but achieving this goal can be challenging. Contract manufacturing partners (CMs) and their distributed supply chains must work in concert with the product company early and throughout the entire product lifecycle. To gain and retain a competitive advantage, everyone responsible for delivering a part of the product must work off the same page. This means having a single, secure place for all things product-related. A centrally controlled BOM with a complete product record can be the difference between leading the market and going out of business.

BOM-Centric Collaboration

Product BOM CentricCompanies demand tighter control of their intellectual property (IP), which is often managed in a bill of materials (BOM). BOMs contain all the components necessary to make a finished product and comprise the core building blocks of the product record. However, too often BOMs are managed across multiple systems by engineering and manufacturing teams. This leads to disconnected development processes frequently resulting in product launch delays, quality issues, manufacturing mistakes, and costly scrap and rework to correct product issues.

Product innovators must turn to more intelligent BOM solutions that centralize control of the entire product record and BOM to eliminate obstacles and deliver superior products.

Real-time collaboration is enhanced with cloud-based solutions that enable dispersed product teams to communicate throughout the entire product development process.

With an intelligent BOM management solution, all teams and tiers of the global supply chain can easily access information and collaborate anytime and anywhere.