More Than a Product: Innovation for a New Era

Evolving Products to Platforms in a Changing World

Commit to Continuous Innovation

Innovation isn’t something that happens once. The very concept implies making things new, a process that by definition knows no end. Innovative companies take this to heart and devote themselves to the continuous refinement of their products, introducing new designs, new features, and new functions.

Of course, the initial idea behind any innovation may itself be fairly revolutionary. It may involve bringing something into being that has never existed before, leading to monumental changes that ripple across industries and trickle down into everyone’s daily life. Even in the case of such an invention, however, the question remains: How can we make this better?

Commit to Continuous Innovation

So, what fuels this commitment to continuous innovation? Mindset and culture have something to do with it because, frankly, the whole organization needs to reflect this commitment. But, as important as this organizational component is, the real fuel for continuous innovation is customer data, specifically, the feedback provided by those using the product.

Lumicell created a handheld imaging system that enables surgeons, when removing tumors, to identify any cancer cells left behind on the tumor cavity walls.

Surgeons can then remove those cells as well, improving patient outcomes. Given the high stakes of these procedures, Lumicell is extraordinarily attentive to what the surgeon’s experience with the device is like.

“You know,” said Lumicell’s Senior Vice President Ben Locwin, “we are always soliciting information from surgeons and everyone involved in these procedures regarding the feel, the form, and the function of the device, as well as the usability of the drug product [the dye causing leftover cancer cells to fluoresce]. All of this continuous learning gets incorporated into our research and development process in iterative loops. What’s important to me is to be able to really differentiate between ‘Evolutionary’ and ‘Revolutionary.’”

“What matters is embracing the notion of innovation and moving it forward. And we believe this continuous approach to innovation will lead to our ongoing success in the future.”

– Ben Locwin, Senior Vice President, Lumicell

“People who use things on a daily basis,” he added, “have high expectations for form and function. Their feedback provides us with an absolutely invaluable stream of information leading to refinements in the device and new avenues of innovation.”

This iterative improvement loop, a loop that must include learning from the real-world experience of actual users, reflects Lumicell’s approach to innovation. In Ben’s eyes, this approach goes beyond simply inventing something new.

“A singular, one-off invention won’t pass muster,” he said.