Preparing for Europe’s Evolving Medical Device Regulation

The Essential Guide to EU MDR Compliance

European Database for Medical Devices (EUDAMED)

As part of the new MDR, the European Commission developed a secure database called EUDAMED to improve transparency and coordination of information regarding medical devices on the EU market.

The system is comprised of six modules:

Register as an economic operator via the EUDAMED database

  1. Actor Registration: Enables economic operators (i.e., manufacturers, authorized representatives, and importers) to register their information
  2. Unique Device Identification (UDI): Maintains device-specific information. Economic operators are responsible for managing all UDI attributes and transferring the data to EUDAMED
  3. Certificates: Maintains EU certificates for each product group
  4. Clinical Investigation: Maintains information regarding the collection and analysis of clinical data
  5. Vigilance: Maintains serious incident reports
  6. Market Surveillance: Maintains post-market surveillance reports

The Actor Registration module went live on December 1, 2020. Economic operators are encouraged to register with the system and obtain a single registration number (SRN) to meet the requirements of the regulation.